About The Company

Q: Is Scuba-Fix Pte Ltd based in Singapore?

A: Yes we are. We are a Singapore Registered company and our company, research and development workshop and repair / service center are all based in Singapore.

Q: Do you plan to develop other overseas operating base?

A: Yes, we are actively looking for dive operators to represent us overseas. If you are interested, do drop us an email for enquiry.

Q: Are your products manufactured overseas?

A: All our products are 100% developed and manufactured here in Singapore. This gives us total control over the Quality Inspection process. With that, we are able to provide a  warranty on our products with full confidence. With diving, we don’t take chances.

The Repair Process

Q: Are there any other tools needed for the repair?

A: Yes, you will need some basic items like a pair of cutters, a piece of cloth and turpentine.

Q: I have a BCD that you do not have a repair kit for. Will you be developing other brands soon?

A: We have another 5 brands lined up. Some are already manufactured and are currently undergoing quality testing. Do email us your enquiry and we will advise accordingly. If you are a dive center and you have volume for a particular brand, we can consider manufacturing just for you.

Q: I have a BCD that you do not have a repair kit for. Can your repair kit be use to repair my BCD?

A: Yes! It can be done. However, you may need to enlarge the current hole on the BCD and on top of that, you will need to purchase an inflator hose that is compatible to the repair kit you have purchased in order to use your BCD. In short, mix and match. We have already done numerous of these cross over repairs especially for resorts and dive centers that have loads of spare inflator hoses from other brands.

Q: I am not confident of carrying out the repair by myself after watching the video provided. Is there an authorized workshop to carry out the repair for me?

A: We have tested the repair process on a non-diver with notechnical background and he managed to easily replace and repair the BCD. However, we understand that not all us can do it. There are a few things you can do

1) You can bring your BCD to a dive shop repair center and see if they can help you out with a small cost

2) If you are residing in Singapore, you can always send it to us. Drop us an email to arrange a date and time for you to drop the BCD.  (Fastest Turn-Around- Time is 2 days*.)

3) You can call our 24/7 helpline at +65-9792-4369 and our engineers will be glad to provide advice to you over the phone.

Q: I ran out of glue during the repair, where can I get the adhesive?

A: Head over to our online shop to order additional adhesive if you require.  Rest assured that the amount of adhesive we provide is more than sufficient for the repair work.

Q: Do you provide warranty for the repair kit?

A: Yes, warranty for the product is 5 years, please refer to our terms and conditions of sales.

Q: I’m an owner of a dive shop and I would like to organize a group purchase, would you be able to give a live demonstration of the repair process?

A: Yes, if you are located in South East Asia or routing by Singapore to do dives in Asia, Scuba-Fix can organize a time and place to provide a demonstration, give guidance and ensure all repairs are carried out properly. We will be available to monitor all repairs, have spare repair kits on standby and quite possibly give you a group discount too.  Drop us an email to discuss further.

Shipping and Delivery

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: If you do not like what you see when you receive our products, you can get a full refund from us by shipping the product back to us within 30 days. We will refund you the full amount less delivery charges. Please read our Terms and Conditions Of Shipping for more details.

Q: I am not from Singapore, will you deliver overseas?

A: Yes, we ship internationally.  Should you have any questions about the repair work after watching the repair video please send us an email or call us anytime and we will answer any queries right away.

Q: Which fulfilment provider do you use to deliver my purchase? Are there other methods of delivery provided?

A: We use Singpost as our fulfilment provider. Shipment is also available via FedEx. Please email us for rates.