Can We Fix It?

Our valves are able to fix 90% of the BCD brands in the world.

  • Aeris
  • Akuana
  • AquaLung
  • Aquatec
  • Beauchat
  • Dir Zone
  • Dive Rite
  • Frog
  • Genesis
  • Halcyon
  • Hog
  • Hollis
  • IST
  • Mares
  • Northern Divers
  • Oceanic
  • OMS
  • Ralf-Tech
  • Razor side mount
  • Scuba-Pro T-series
  • SeacSub
  • SeaQuest
  • Sherwood
  • US Divers
  • XDeep
  • Zeagle

If your model of BCD is not on this list, feel free to drop us a note and we will be glad to propose an alternative solution.


If you are unsure of how to carry out the repair or you would like our professional touch, ship your BCD to us from any part of the world. We will complete the repair complete with a service report for your documentation.

Pick-up and Drop-off (Singapore Only)

For a small fee, we can pick up your broken BCD, repair it, and send it back your way.

Other Repairs

We do have our way with BCDs and their bladders, drop us an enquiry should you have any such needs.