What is it?

Scuba-Fix is the world’s first BCD (buoyancy compensator device) valve replacement kit. Developed to solve a problem that has bugged the entire industry for years, this product will replace the most vulnerable part of your BCD: the inflator and dump valves.


These valves have a limited life span, and with constant use, general wear and tear, these valves will break between 2-4 years of use.

Once broken, your BCD will have to be discarded, regardless how new, how comfortable, or how expensive it is.

Our valve effectively replaces the original ones and extends the life of your BCD.

Going on a Live-On-Board (LOB) or an expedition trip and worried about your valve breaking? The Scuba-Fix valve replacement kit is convenient enough to bring on the go. All you need are some basic tools to complete your repair anytime, anywhere!